Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A blue start to winter

It was a foggy start to winter. The D'Entrecasteaux Channel was clouded in white with a frost on the ground and fog floating through the trees. But as I came into Hobart, it turned into a wonderful clear blue.

I wish I had stopped the car and got some photos of the fog but really it was too cold to do anything. So here are some shots of my walk through Battery Point on my way work.

I love the shadows that the iron lacework cast on the brick houses & the last few autumn leaves. There is the definite feeling of winter in the air but as long as it is sunny I don't mind.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

House - for Alice & Tom

Occasionally I find some time to help out friends and family with their house renovations/extensions. Usually I have to kindly say 'no' because I simply don't have enough time or energy (especially whilst working on our own house).

But this family friend is a pretty lovely lady and I simply couldn't say no! I don't think she knows it but I have always admired her (since from the age of about 12) and I am very jealous that she has made a business out of doing the thing she loves best - taking photographs. Check out her website here Alice Bennett

I went to have a look at the house located on the picturesque property of 'Fulham' on her boyfriend Tom's farm (now husband!) not far from the lovely seaside town of Dunalley. The house was very livable - just needed a bit of sprucing up and a new room & deck to take in the sensational 180 degree views. 

Of course the site visit entailed a home-cooked dinner and plenty of bottles of wine and this is what we came up with - with the help of some very talented builders and Tom's watchful eye over all the details. It does help that Alice & Tom have great taste in furniture and have transformed the house into a really lovely home.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The last harvest

It was time to pull out the last of the tomato bushes on the weekend. I didn't realise there were quite so many green tomatoes hiding under the foliage!

I carefully pulled the tomatoes off and filled two shopping bags before I got sick of the process. There was only one thing to do with them - green tomato relish. I used the recipe from the Snug Cookbook (a household fave of mine).

Note - we don't have a functioning kitchen at the moment so cooking had to be done on outside picnic table.